Friday, 31 May 2013


These are the four best people you'll meet, and I'm pretty heartbroken to be leaving them today as each one of us finishes our journey here in the UK and travels back to their own respective continent (Yes...Continent D:). These guys have been my family, away from family as we've all lived in each others pockets under one roof for the past two years. I can't really write down how great they are... Because they just are.... I don't reckon I'll meet any kids like these again and I feel pretty privileged to have grown alongside these oddballs. 

 Qel (Get a blog lady)
Emily ALSO, buy her book 'Wild'! It'll scratch a hole in your heart!

Bunches of love guys and catch you when air flights are mad cheap! 


  1. James, the designs and lines for these are so perfect- I'm getting mine framed before I leave, they are so so beautiful, esp when printed.
    See you soon, Jamesy boy! xo

  2. Molto interessante l'uso dei volumi nelle figure


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